Every year there are a large number of tourists that visit the US. One of the main reasons for the many number of visits is the breathtaking activities and sceneries that one gets to see. With the fascinating cities and astonishing night life the US has been a regularly visited country for people from all around the world. The US is filled with an abundant number of activities that one can choose from, making the US a country that people should definitely cross off their bucket list.


Tourists that are looking to visit fall under the visa category of either a B1 or B2 visa which grants them access to perform tourism activities, visiting family or friends, medical treatment, business trips, enrolment in some study courses or participation in amateur sports, musical and similar events.

Foreign nationals that wish to visit the US will need to apply for either a business visit visa or a tourist (visit) visa at HOF Migration we provide a variety of services to our clients but our main priority is to ensure that your trip to the US is safe and easy. Our experienced consultants make sure that you meet all the requirements as per the government of the US ensuring that this country is crossed off from your ‘bucket list’ making the journey to your dream destination the most memorable. See the difference by speaking to our consultants, fill in the assessment form today.