New Zealand offers work permit for foreign nationals that have the essential skills required by the employer. But before an employer can hire foreign nationals he must ensure that the potential employee is meeting the eligibility requirements as per the rules and regulations of the country


The Essential Skills Work Visa (New Zealand work permit) is one of the most common visas used for skilled workers to come and stay in the country temporarily. This visa is applicable for up to 3 years depending upon the pay rate of the job that is offered. With this visa, immigrants can study for up to 3 months period as well and can also support their spouse as well as children under the same visa application.

Our consultants are well experienced when it comes to assisting our clients in their immigration process. At HOF we ensure that you understand all the necessary procedures, meet all the eligibility requirements that are needed and will make sure that your journey to your destination is done with complete ease. Fil in the assessment form to know the difference.