There are several reasons to visit New Zealand one of the main reasons is the astonishing,  natural green, clean, and breathtaking scenery. There are a lot of things a tourist could do in New Zealand; the wildlife and outdoor activities make it one of the most enjoyable destinations to visit. It is a fascinating country to visit with lots of things to do, visiting New Zealand should be one of the countries that should be crossed off your bucket list as soon as possible!


Foreign Nationals that wish to visit New Zealand will need either an NZETA or a New Zealand visitor’s visa. People under this visa can enter for different reasons such as arriving to visit family or friends, tourism, business trip, adventure activities and much more. Under the visa tourist tourists can stay for up to 9-months in an 18 months period and is extendable for 12 months in a 24-months period.

We at HOF Migration provide a variety of services and our main priority is to make sure that your trip to New Zealand is easy, safe and making sure you meet all the requirements as well as understand the process and procedures in order to cross off New Zealand from your ‘bucket list’ making your journey to your dream destination the most memorable time of your life.