New Zealand – one of the best places to choose if you are looking for good quality education, with a reputation that is recognized almost all around the world, a progressive education system that offers a safe learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities and offers great learning opportunities with support services for international students. One of the biggest features is that it is more cost-effective compared to other countries


A New Zealand student visa grants student a lot of distinct advantages, students can opt to study full-time or even work part-time as they study, after a certain age student can even live by themselves and the visa will be valid for a length of 4 years. Generally, the visa also depends upon which country students are applying from, the age and the duration of their course.

At HOF we are associated with some of the top universities and colleges in New Zealand and Our experienced consultants can provide students with the necessary student counselling session and give them the appropriate knowledge that they require to know in their student visa processing. We ensure that they understand the eligibility requirements required by the country and our case manager and consultants will provide the services best of the results. Our consultancy’s main priority is to ensure that our clients have a smooth journey to the country of their dreams.