If you are interested in holding citizenship or residency in the EU continent, then here is how one may succeed in doing so. One of the main pathways to holding citizenship or residency is by the golden visa, a foreign national can achieve to receive a golden visa by making investments in the country or purchasing a real estate property of his/her interest (Portugal, Spain, or Greece). Each country has its own rules and regulations related to citizenship or residency by investment. Click on the country of your interest to know more.

From the beautiful ruins of Greek mythology and the ocean of blue and white architecture, Greece is a place to set your dreams to, a place where you can enjoy both
Being the EU’s second-largest country, Spain has an abundance of historic places, sweeping beaches and world-class trekking, you can be sure that you will enjoy what
Being the oldest country in Europe Portugal has everything Europe has to offer with its picture-perfect villages, to its beautiful coastline, this country never sleeps as it works