From the beautiful fine sand beaches, breathtaking natural landscapes, as well as ancient living cultures and incredible ceremonies. Vanuatu is the perfect place to be, especially when it comes to their zero-taxation policy, it seems like the only way in Vanuatu is up! Think that you want to make the brazen decision to go to paradise?


When it comes to second passport countries, you need a country that is safe and stable and that is where Vanuatu comes in. Vanuatu has become a popular destination when it comes to citizenship by investment, with a passport that is allowed to enter with a visa on arrival in more than 120 countries and territories and its 0% tax policy there is absolutely no wonder as to why it’s the leading destination. Obtaining is just as easy, all one has to do is make either donate to the government or make an investment to the economy or purchase a real estate property and then obtain the passport remotely in a short period of 30 days!


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